This month the Isis energy for me has been very alive.  I feel her most strongly when there has been an injustice or misuse of power as a sense of divine outrage and a movement towards change.  It’s the yummiest feeling of anger I know, the most life affirming.  Rather than helpless rage or anger used to make others wrong or bad, there is simply a profound call to move toward what is right.  When this Isis energy is alive in me, I feel fully aware of my own divine spark, I respect the divine spark of others and I will tolerate nothing less than the honoring of this truth.  Now is a good time to invite the Isis energy into your life.

Watching Egypt experience profound changes, I recognize the aliveness of the Isis energy.  I find within me an excitement and a fervent prayer and desire to hold the highest destiny.  I watched on the edge of my seat as the people of Egypt assembled and demanded a change in their government.  I was in awe and celebration to watch emotions running so high, to see this wave of unstoppable change arise, but without it immediately flowing into massive violence and bloodshed.  I hold this fervent hope that what follows is in the spirit of what has already unfolded.

Those who vision both peace and personal freedom for the planet have been profoundly affected by the leadership Gandhi provided in India.  It is a sign of our times that in Egypt, movement happened so much faster.  Living in a time of great change is scary and exciting.

I believe we co-create our world.  As a wave of change is sweeping through the world, whether we’re looking at Egypt, Libya, or Wisconsin, we can find the deep-seated root of the human fear of change.  We are all aware of the human potential for violence when emotions run high.  If you have the great blessing to be not in the hot seat right now, if your part of the world is going along with businesses open and transportation running, you can be the space holder and vision for the places that are changing.  We, who aren’t in the hot seat of change, have the space to take a breath and choose our response.

Just as I spend a lot of time considering how I will vote in an election, I strive to be equally mindful about what energies and potentials I vote for in the world.  We all get to choose from moment to moment in our own lives whether we make war or peace as we consciously acknowledge how our personal truth can be different from another person’s yet coexist.  If visioning the best for Egypt seems too big or far away, I invite you to cast your vote for the future of the planet in striving to create in your own life what you would wish for Egypt and the people of the world.

For those of us bearing witness to the wave of change, we have the space to come home to ourselves and choose exactly what energies we want to feed, how we want to vote and contribute to the vibration.

Choosing how we contribute to the vibration:

We can do this by managing our fear and stories that make one group right and another wrong.  Instead we can connect with empathy and compassion for everyone concerned and vision the best outcome, even if we don’t know what that outcome looks like.  This can take the form of Pema Chrodon’s Tonglen, Byron Katie’s The Work, or fire ceremony (as found on my website at

For me, it is a time to connect with what I value most.  Above and beyond having my physical needs met for food, shelter and safety, I value choice, self-expression, contribution, co-creation.  I want these for myself and everyone else.  Your deepest wishes for yourself and others may be different.  That’s beautiful.  If I hold choice and you hold education and someone else hold integrity and transparency and we all pray these things for all the people of the world, together we are seeding beautiful potentials in the world for all these things.

What’s especially magical about this process is that by becoming an active, conscious co-creater, as opposed to a passive one, my voice, my vote has a great deal more power and influence.  I believe strongly in social justice, but my passion lies more intensely with helping people to heal and grow at a soul level.  So, when it comes to social justice, my contribution is generally in the form of taking personal responsibility and striving not participate in racism or discrimination.  My cousin, on the other hand, works for an organization that promotes social justice.  She teaches in schools, does media work, takes classes, and builds community.  Her direct influence in bringing greater social justice to the world is much stronger than mine because she’s using her time, energy and attention to promote it.

Likewise, anyone who chooses to hold the highest and best for Egypt or the workers in Wisconsin or the people of Libya is influencing the potential outcome.  The more you open your heart, do ceremony, pray or just actively hold compassion or loving kindness, the stronger your contribution will be to the destiny path of peaceful transformation.  I want so much for people to have the chance to have physical safety, decent living conditions, education, choice, and freedom of expression.  And, I passionately contribute my vision to create a world where there are effective and efficient ways to have these things without massive bloodshed and violence.  I believe that the more people who are holding a vision for change without violence, the more space that energy has to become alive and expressed in the world.

It reminds me of the proverb attributed to the Native Americans about the grandfather speaking to his grandson about the conflicting sides of his nature.  He describes it as two wolves, fighting inside him- one holding all of his jealousy, hatred, pain, small-mindedness and the other holding justice, kindness, compassion, integrity.  The grandson asks which wolf wins and the grandfather replies, “The one I feed.”

In this time of great change, movement and transformation, I invite you to choose which energies to feed with your time, energy and attention.  In a time when so many are talking about the direness of circumstances, I invite you to feed hope and help me to dream a world into being that we would wish for our children’s children.