As the energy of the economy begins an upswing, I invite you all to be on the front of the wave, with any issues around financial abundance cleaned up quickly and easily.

To this end, I’ve done something a little different this month. With the help of my guides, I’ve channeled a guided shamanic journey for clearing blocks to financial abundance. Many of us carry wounds from other lifetimes or from our ancestors about scarcity. Sometime our current emotions are informed by our soul’s history, like when we look at our bank balance and react like we’re a farmer realizing we don’t have enough stores to survive the winter. Often this is unconscious, so we don’t know why there’s so much fear, just that there’s an intense reaction.

In the guided journey, you’ll have the opportunity to release old, painful, toxic energy and to bring in fresh life-force energy. You’ll be able to heal past life wounds of scarcity and strengthen your root and sacral chakras. You’ll put energy towards manifesting abundance in the future. The recording is my gift to you.

To find it, go to my website- and click on the “articles” page. You can listen online or download it as an .mp3.