Nine months ago I committed myself to a daily breathwork practice. It builds life force energy and clears the auric field. When I do this daily, my mood, my energy, and my life experience are all brighter. I’m not as vulnerable to other people’s moods or heavy energies as I go through my day.

Yet, there are days when I struggle to sit down and spend 15 minutes doing this practice. If I’m feeling good and up, it’s easier to engage in this kind of self-care, but sometimes if I already feel good, I don’t feel the need so I just “forget”. When I’m feeling down or moody, it’s hard to do the practice. The astrological events since mid-December have been hitting a lot of people hard and personal shadows and feelings of depression seem to be prevalent.

With this kind of life force energy building practice, if I miss a span of time, the first day or so can make me feel worse as the practice moves the stagnant energy out of my field. Plus, if I’m already feeling down, I want to eat a comfort food (rather than health food), curl up with a good book, and hide from my feelings. Doing my practice when I’m already feeling emotionally uncomfortable is to dive into that discomfort and feel it more keenly. There are days I’ve spent more time discussing doing the practice with myself than it would have taken to just do the practice.

So, why am I sharing this? Because 15 to 30 minutes a day of Qi Gong, breathwork, or Tai Chi will transform your life. Bringing in life force energy regularly will heal old wounds across your lifetimes, help you have the energy to get through your day, and provide the best protection I know of from illness. It’s very hard to sustain depression with a daily practice like this, yet, if you’re depressed, it’s very hard to make yourself take this life affirming action.

I know people who bring great self-discipline to their spiritual lives. I bring courage and passion to my journey, but rather poor self-discipline. So, sustaining this practice over the last nine months, even with days missed, has taken a tremendous personal commitment.

I invite you to take a journey towards self-care. I invite you to explore a life building practice and use it not as a space to blame yourself or make yourself bad, but an area to investigate your challenges and learn about yourself. Some days what works is to commit myself to 5 minutes, only to find that once I get past the first minute or so, I’m carried forward to the full practice. Sometime the conversation with myself goes, “Well, I want to feel better, right? Well, if so, my breathwork is the fastest path towards relief.” You might find that a class is needed or a pact with a friend. Perhaps it’s something you can do at lunch but not first thing in the morning. Whatever your path, I invite you to begin or resume this exploration.